6 things to do in Athens when it rains or when it is really hot.

Kapnikarea church athens

Photo Credit: dmvcomics Flickr via Compfight cc

Apart from the very popular Acropolis Museum, National Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Cycladic Art, the Benaki Museum, the Byzantine and Christian Museum which are in the list of the most amazing museums in the world, we are sure you are going to find the following suggestions really interesting whether you visit them on a rainy or hot day in Athens.


Hermione – the small and beautiful seaside town


Ermioni  is a small port town in Peloponnese. The beautiful and traditional architecture it is its main characteristic.  The town is easily connected by ferry to Piraeus and the islands of Hydra and Spetses that makes it so popular to visit, especially during summer.  

In this post you will admire its beauty from above as it was captured by haanity‘s drone.


Kea (aka Tzia) through a Greek photographer’s eyes

tzia kea

Kea is the cycladic island closest to Attica. As it is very easy to reach, it is mainly built with summer vacation houses and it gets overcrowded during  August. If you want to visit Kea (Tzia) book your room in advance. You are going to admire spectacular coastline views and magnificent sunsets. If you like to explore the hidden paths of the island it would be ideal to rent a bike. The island is popular of its oak trees. On this post we present Kea as captured by Chrisoula Fourmouzi’ s camera.

Chrisoula Fourmouzi  studied photography at the Art & Design Institution AKTO in Athens. She is mainly a  wedding, christening, family, newborn and baby photographer. She is based in Athens but she travel all over Greece and abroad to photograph events and places.  For more information and to see her portfolio, visit her website chrisoulafourmouzi.com


Easy Greek Fig Jam

Photo by Domenicacooks

Photo by Domenicacooks

Autumn is about new flavors in our kitchen. Our favorite fruits of this season are figs.  Figs are ready to be eaten when they are soft in touch.  Figs perish quickly, so the sooner you use them the better.  Some people do not peel the before they eat them but we choose to peel them. Figs go well with nuts, blue cheese and prosciutto. Here is the recipe we used to make a delicious fig jam.


A week in Skiathos / Skopelos (VIDEO)


Has your summer holiday come to an end? Watch this beautiful video to get in the spirit again.

It is filmed by Theo Timmis, a traveler from Cyprus, with a  GoPro Hero 3+ and a Nikon D5300. The video shows the crystal clear sea, traditional places of Skiathos and Skopelos islands and reflects the relaxation you feel when you visit them.