Greek Roadside Iconostasis

If you have ever driven in Greece, especially on the narrow and curved roads in the countryside, you may have noticed the small stone or metallic boxes (iconostasis). These are not mail or phone boxes as many think so. They are shrines that represent the remembrance of a road accident at that location where somebody lost his life or just survived.

An Orthodox Saint icon, a candle, a box of matches or lighter, a small bottle with Greek olive oil and a box of wicks are some of the things that you will find in these roadside shrines. Relatives of the dead or the survivors  visit the place occasionally to light the candle and pray for their souls. So next time you see one of these on the road, you will definitely know that you drive on a dangerous one, so slow down…stop your car if you can, open the little glass door of the shrine, light the candle and make sure you drive carefully for the rest of your journey.

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