Santorini island, the remains of an enormous volcanic eruption

Santorini island is a touristic island on the Aegean Sea. Apart from the cosmopolitan vacation one could have, it is also known for its active volcano and the volcanic caldera surrounded by steep cliffs. The area is a group of islands created by volcanoes that have been active several times in the past. 

Photo By gnosisactivetravel

Scientists believe that the volcano will erupt in the future again but there are minor signs that the volcano could wake up in the near future. Tours to the volcano and the caldera are available from Thira Port. 

We recently came across this beautiful video about Santorini’s Volcano history. The narration is in Greek but the informative text on the video is in English. 

It is an exception work, based on research from several scientists, institutes and universities. 
Made by Nikos Korakakis. Music by Ross Bugden

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