A hidden oasis in Paros. The Valley of Butterflies

Photo By parosbutterflies
The Valley of Butterflies in Paros island, is an exceptional lush green park surrounded by tons of butterflies. From June to August butterflies, named Tiger moths, settle in the green area for reproduction. During September the female ones lay their eggs on the trees and then they die. Οne month later the caterpillars make their appearance from the eggs and next May they become butterflies. 

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Many butterflies sleep during the day hours and if you see closely you will notice hundreds of them, mainly on the trees. A few more fly and you can notice the amazing red colour on the underside of their wings. Visitors enjoy walks in this fairy tale land where tall cypresses, carob trees and orchards create a cool and shady to escape from the island’s summer heat. 

Photo By parosbutterflies

Tip: If you are interested in butterflies, you should also visit the most popular Valley of Butterflies in Greece, which is located in Rhodes.

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2 thoughts on “A hidden oasis in Paros. The Valley of Butterflies

  1. Athena says:

    The same Valley of Butterflies exists on the island of Rhodes…the place is called “Petaloudes” after the butterflies that gather there.

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