Oinousses, the tiny wealthy part of Greece, home of many Greek shipowners

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Oinousses is a complex of 1 large island named Oinoussa, and 8 smaller islets in the North Aegean Sea. Oinoussa is the only inhabited one. What is significant about this tiny place, is that it is the homeland of a remarkable number of well known shipowners in Greece.
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Oinoussa is very quiet during winter. During summer the shipowner mansions and the regular visitors’ villas open their doors to the owners to spend their holidays. The island gets even more lively by a small amount of travelers who choose this place for peaceful holidays away from the crowds. There is only one hotel and a small number of houses to rent. So book in advance!

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The islands complex is full of beautiful beaches and if you like sailing, you will reach places of unique beauty. A great and affordable option to rent a sailing boat is Incrediblue.

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Tip: At the Oinoussa’s port one can admire the beauty of the mermaid statue, that symbolizes the connection of the island’s people with their naval life.

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