OPA architects and their conceptual holy cross chapel

Greek-based OPA (open platform for architecture) has conceptualized the ‘Chapel of the Holy Cross’, a religious building that translates symbolism, tradition and belief into space with a materiality based on the simplicity and harmony of contemporary architecture.

Proposed for the island of Serifos in Greece, it possesses a single cliff façade that faces the Aegean sea, positioning the view to the sea. The ‘Chapel of the Holy Cross’ is a complete, evocative study of aesthetics, structure, function and engineering enhanced by tradition waiting for realization. Read more...

The holy Monastery Iveron in Mount Athos

monastery  mount athos
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Mount Athos, also known as Holy Mountain (Hagion Oros) is Greece’ s Orthodox spiritual centre, a self-governed beautiful region located in the eastern part of Chalkidiki‘ s peninsula. In Athos, the UNESCO World Heritage site, there are 20 monasteries of great spiritual and architectural interest and about 700 houses and cells that accommodate approximately 1,000 monks. The doors of the monasteries open at sunrise and close at sunset. Women and children are not allowed in the entire area, about 335 Km². There is also a limit to the number of visitors per day. 
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The Iveron Monastery is located by the sea, in the northeast side of the peninsula. It was built at the end of the 10th century, in four aisles forming a rectangular shape, thus creating a yard in the middle. Its main church (katholicon) consists of magnificent frescoes of the 16th century. The library contains 2,000 manuscripts and 20,000 books.   
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The most popular treasure in the monastery is the Byzantine icon of Panagia Portaitissa. This icon is considered to be the most miraculous icon in Mount Athos. Its main characteristic is a scar appearing on Virgin Mary’s chin. Apart from the faces of Jesus and Virgin Mary’s, the entire icon in covered by a gold and silver layer. Other treasures of the monastery are the architectural style of the columns in the main church, the wood-carved iconstasis and the silver lamp stand, shaped as a lemon tree. So if our male readers wish to visit and have a free of charge  stay at the monasteries of Mount Athos, make a request at athosreservation@gmail.com. For further information visit their official website agioritikiestia.gr   

5 Top things to do on a rainy day in Thessaloniki

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Thessaloniki is Greece’s second largest city. It attracts a vast amount of tourists throughout the year. It is very popular for its Archaeological sites, Byzantine monuments, architectural style, cultural events such as the International Thessaloniki Film Festival and its lively nightlife. In this post we have prepared a list of the top things to do in Thessaloniki, if you happen to visit the city on a rainy day. =&0=&
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Saint Dimitrios is the patron saint of Thessaloniki and its Church is worth a visit, especially if you seek some peaceful time, away from the traffic and the busy city life. The saint’s body is preserved in a tomb in a special area. You will also admire the building architecture, the mosaics and the hagiography. 2. Visit the Archaeological Museum
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One of the best attractions in Thessaloniki, the impressive Archaeological Museum is laid out in a way that is easy for visitors to see its exhibitions without getting bored or tired. You will get plenty of information about the history and life in ancient Thessaloniki. With the same ticket you get access to the Museum of Byzantine Culture.  3. Get to the Museum of Byzantine Culture
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You will definitely enjoy visiting the Museum of Byzantine Culture. With its beautiful and easy layout you get access to the galleries that cover all eras of Byzantine culture. Displays consists of sculptures, mosaics, artwork, hagiography.  4. Have a meal at Nea Diagonios
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Nea Diagonios is a modern Greek Grill restaurant awarded the Certificate of Excellence 2014. The service is excellent and the food delicious. Ask the waiters for the best wine – food combinations. Tip: order soutzoukakia!   =&4=&  
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  Domatio me Thea Cafe (meaning room with a view) is located on the 5th floor of a movie theatre in Aristotelous Square. Have a seat near the window to enjoy magnificent views. At night it serves delicious cocktails.
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Great and Small Prespa Lakes, a natural paradise in northwestern Greece

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  Prespa lakes are two lakes in Northwest Greece, one called Small and the other one Great. The Great one is shared between Greece, Albania and FYROM. The Small one is shared between Greece and Albania.  
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The lakes are one of the most important natural parks in Europe with exceptional beauty. Visitors have stunning views of the surrounding mountains reflecting in the waters. If you like bird – watching this is a paradise of 261 bird species, such as pelicans, wild ducks, Dalmatian pelican and many migratory birds.
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Saint Achilios is a small island in Small Prespa. One can visit the island by a wooden floating bridge. There are 11 houses on the island, a guest house with a restaurant and the  ruins of Saint Achilios church which does worth a visit. Definitely an ideal place for those who seek quiet vacation near nature.

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