Kalymnos, an island with a vast number of rocks to climb

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Kalymnos is the fourth largest island of the Dodecanese group of islands in Aegean Sea. The island’s west coast is a natural rocky landscape that has become the paradise of climbing lovers. Each year climbers from all around the world meet up in Kalymnos for the world-famous non competitive Climbing Festival.   
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The climate of the island is dry, thus making climbing possible all year around. But the best climbing period is autumn. October is the month that attracts the largest number of climbers.  The rock is limestone, sharp at some areas and without rotten parts. There are about 80 crags with 2300 different routes. 
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Climbing courses are available from April until October for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels run by professional instructors. For those who are interested, there is a list of Kalymnos Climbing Guides on the internet. 

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Kastellorizo, a tiny island with eastern architectural influence

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Kastellorizo aka Megisti,  is Greece’s eastern and southernmost island in the Mediterranean sea about 2km off Turkey’s south coast. It is the smallest of the Dodecanese islands and once on it, your feet is your only way of transportation.   
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  Once you arrive closer to the port, you will be amazed by the impressive colours of the mansions built on the seaside. The town’s old buildings have been preserved, making the island a unique place for travelers. Admire the beautiful scenery and do not miss a visit to its ancient monuments.  
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The Old Mosque was build during the Ottoman occupation of the island. A building with magnificent beauty, is now a Cultural Museum and open to the public.

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Tip: The island is ideal for those who seek quiet and peaceful holidays. There are no clubs and late night bars. Instead, you can hike or sail around the island.   Read more...