Komboskini – The Orthodox Prayer Rope

Komboskini (Greek: κομποσχοίνι) is a prayer tool that is used by Orthodox Christians dating back to the 5th and 6th century. Usually, they are handmade in monasteries, by wool (symbolising the flock of Christ) or silk and they are made up of complex knots, beads and a cross (either handmade or metallic).  These prayer ropes are used by many religious Orthodox people when they pray. You will find them in various sizes, but the bracelet style is the most common. The prayer ropes are blessed on the relics of specific Saints  so people may wear more than one. The traditional colour is black but nowadays, coloured komboskinis have also become fashionable.


Snow in Greece | Winter 2017 | Photos

A young refugee walks through snowstorm at refugee camp north of Athens. Photo: Reuters 

The low temperatures over the last weekend caused snow and frost throughout the country, even in the islands. Some parts of Greece, especially in the North have been completely blanketed in snow. Severe weather conditions placed refugees to risk in outdoors camps.  Here are some stunning and some shocking photos of snow-covered Greece.