Mataki | Greek Evil Eye

Mataki, or Mati (Μάτι as known in Greek) can be traced back to Ancient Greece. In most regions in Greece, there is still the strong belief that having a mati causes supernatural power to protect the person who wears one, from evil thoughts and actions of others to them. They are not found just in Greek tradition. There is a widely extended belief of their supernatural force among many Mediterranean and Asian tribes and cultures.

People in Greece also use them in lucky charms, that hang them somewhere in their houses, in order to bring luck to their homes and to decorate the lucky charms of the New Year, called gouria (γούρια). Read more...

Horse-riding in Pelion

Keep this farm that on your list, if you are a horse-riding and nature lover for your next visit in Pelion, after the Covid-19 lock-down comes to an end. You are going to be amazed.

If you or your children are keen on exploring new activities while travelling, then this well-managed horse farm in Milies, Pelion, will keep your spirit high in the sky. Read more... Thessaloniki’s best vibes travel all around the world

Last week I got interviewed by Christos Aggelidis , a photographer, radio producer and contributor writer of the portal, so I had the chance to get some more information about their radio station and editorial. comes from my most favourite city in Greece, Thessaloniki, which is full of great vibes anyway. It is an internet place with fresh and modern outlook, ideal if you are a Greek living abroad and want to stay in touch with various news and articles , that will get you closer to Greece, mentally – especially these days, that COVID-19 doesn’t let us travel as much as we want to. Apart from the articles, on their page, at the bottom left corner there is a little button that turns on their web-radio station for you, with great music which you can listen wherever you are.