A small miraculous chapel, Saint Theodora in Vasta

Photo Credit: Gian_Nis via Compfight cc
This is a miraculous church built on soft soil near Vasta Village. It is a unique phenomenon that its holds 17 trees on its roof. It is impressive that some of the trees measure about 30m in height. Their roots are invisible either from inside or outside of the church. Another fascinating fact about the location is that a river runs beneath this church and irrigates the trees.

Photo Credit: Mehran Razaghi via Compfight cc

According to Orthodox Church, Saint Theodora was tormented at the location where the chapel was built. The last words she said before she died were “My body should be a church, my blood water and my hair trees”.

Photo Credit: Mehran Razaghi via Compfight cc

After various investigation, researchers have come to a conclusion to explain this static phenomenon. For more information you can check Wikipedia’s link  http://bit.ly/157ndas

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