A unique natural lagoon on Thassos island, Giola

Photo Credit: hucky0 via Compfight cc
An amazing natural pool carved in rocks, Giola on Thassos island is the perfect place to go if you are a little bit adventurous and attracted by earth’s breathtaking scenes. 
Photo Credit: Makis Apostolakakis via Compfight cc
In order to get there you must drive through a dirty road for about 4km. You must have a high 4 engine vehicle to take the drive. Then you walk straight on the stones to get to the lagoon. Be sure you wear appropriate shoes for the walk and it would be good to wear special water shoes if you plan to dive and swim. 

Photo Credit: Viperalus via Compfight cc

Once you reach the cliffs the view is just spectacular. The blue water and the rocks create a great contrast that you must see for yourself.

Tip: Go as early as you can during summer peak season as it gets crowded. There is no sand, so lay your towel on the stones.  

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