Carob Tree, the unknown tree of the Mediterranean

Photo Credit: Peter M Greenwood via Compfight cc

Carob (Harupia in Greek) trees grow mainly in the countries along the Mediterranean Sea. Spain is the top carob producer and Greece is the 5th after Italy, Morocco and Portugal. 

After harvesting, drying and roasting, the pods are grounded into a powder known as carob powder or carob flour. 

Photo Credit: Svein Erik Larsen via Compfight cc

It is naturally sweet and very nutritious with a similar flavour to chocolate but full of vitamins, caffeine free, low in fat and high in fiber. It is used as a cocoa alternative in recipes but with less sugar as it is sweet by its own. You will find an endless list of carob powder / flour recipes on the internet to try.

Tip: Mix 1 part of honey, with 4 parts of tahini paste and 4 parts of carob powder with just a little bit of warm water to make a smooth “Nutella like” healthy chocolate spread, ideal for vegans. 
Top it up with roasted hazelnuts to enhance the flavour.

Photo By Forealifes
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