Be my guest…with just a spoonful of a Greek fruity sweet

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Symbol of Greek hospitality, spoon sweets, as they are named, are made mainly of fruits, nuts and vegetables with sugar and just a bit of lemon juice. The sweets can be oranges, melon, watermelon, strawberries, grapes, figs but also unripe walnuts and baby aubergines, and many many more which are gently boiled in water with sugar, in slow heat, for long hours until they the liquid part becomes a syrup. Roasted blanched almonds are also added for a tastier experience and extra aroma. The outcome is similar to marmalade except that spoon sweets consists of whole fruits or big pieces and not a mash of them.

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The tradition of offering spoon sweets to guests has been a Greek custom for years. It used to be served in a big glass bowl with as many teaspoons as they house guests were. And each one would dip their spoon and take a spoonful from the bowl, eat it straight away and leave the spoon on a tray. Tradition has changed slightly the last years and these sweets are usually served nowadays on a small plate with a portion bigger than just a teaspoonful. Most people prefer it after lunch or dinner with a bitter coffee or unsweetened tea. 

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Tip: Spoon sweets are sold everywhere in Greece, even in supermarkets but the homemade ones are by far the best ones. Treat yourself with a vanilla ice-cream topped with one or two teaspoons of sour cherry sweet for the ultimate Greek gastronomic experience.

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