Dimitsana, a "work of art" mountainous village

Photo Credit: marsider07 via Compfight cc
Dimitsana is a stone-built village on the slopes of Mainalon mountain at an altitude of 1.000m. The first thing a visitor will notice is the outstanding traditional architecture of the buildings. Many guest houses and hotels are found around area which makes the village a fascinating but not crowded with tourists winter resort. 
Wandering the cobbled stoned streets is a must. The village’ s little cafes serve hot beverages and spirits all day. After your walk, sit yourself in one of these beautiful cafes and if you visit in the winter treat yourself with a warm rakomelo, the cafes’ most popular drink. 
Photo Credit: paspog via Compfight cc
Tip: The surrounding area is not to be missed. The hydro-power museum, the Lousios river gorge, the Prodromos Monastery are just an example to perfect your travel experience in Dimitsana
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Photo Credit: marsider07 via Compfight cc


One thought on “Dimitsana, a "work of art" mountainous village

  1. katinavaselopulos says:

    A pleasant surprise to see my hometown, Dimitsana, featured in your blog!
    I love your photographs but did not recognize the second one.
    It does not seem to belong in Dimitsana! But then I haven’t been there for over two years!

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