Melomakarona, the delicious Greek Christmas cookies

Photo By polkadotbride
If you happen to visit a Greek house during holidays season you will surely be served a melomakarono. Small or bigger in size, these biscuits make Greek houses smell like Christmas. They are made of semolina, olive oil, walnuts, cinnamon and orange zest and after they are baked they are soaked with honey syrup. Being dairy and egg-free they are the best sweet for those who fast during the 40 day pre-Christmas period.
Photo By kalisasorexi
Although they are sold in most bakeries and sweet shops during Christmas, most housewives put an effort to make their own melomakarona. There are loads of recipes on the internet and they are so easy to make. Melomakarona are also sold online in packages.
Photo By foodgawker
Tip: If you visit Greece during Christmas period, try also the chocolate version of them. It is the ultimate mouthwatering experience!

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