The traditional architecture of the Sarakatsani huts

Photo By vradeto1340.blogspot
Sarakatsani is a minority of nomadic shepherds mainly found in Epirus, Greek Macedonia, Thessaly and Thrace. They used to spend the summer months in the mountains moving to lowland areas for the winter months. 
Traditional Sarakatsani settlements were constructed by the women of the community at the location they settled. The houses had a domed hut, branches were used as a frame and the top was covered with a thatch.
Photo By sarakatsanoipolykastrou
There were huts for various uses, such as residence for humans, shelter for animals and others for food storage. The typical residential type had shelves in the perimeter and a hearth in the middle.
Some traditional Sarakatsani settlements are open for visitors around Northern Greece. Ask the local tourist information for tours and opening hours. 

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