Fenugreek, the forgotten Greek herb

Photo By bbc

Fenugreek aka Trigonella is an aromatic Mediterranean plant that can be used as a therapeutic herb, spice in curry dishes or fresh as a vegetable. One of its many uses is as a spice in the flavored rub used in the making a pastourma, the Mediterranean type of pastrami. 

Photo Credit: John and Anni via Compfight cc

In many villages in northwestern Greece, women use fenugreek shoots in moderation in their pies (hortopitas) made of spinach and other greens to give an extra intense flavor. 

Tip: If you want to buy fenugreek in Greece, use the words trigonella or moshositaro or moshotrifillo. HappyGarden.gr is one of  the e-shops that sell fenugreek online. 

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