Ithaca, Homer’s Odysseus homeland, a natural treasure in the Ionian Sea

Photo By Christos Panagiotou

Ithaca, a calm island in the Ioania Sea, is a place of authentic natural beauty. According to Greek Mythology it was Homer’s Odysseus homeland. The island is formed by two large pieces of land joined by a narrow land strip. Its dense vegetation, sheer cliffs, majestic traditional villages, hidden coves and crystal clear blue beaches make this place ideal for travelers who like alternative vacation in unspoiled Greece.
Photo By Makis Papadopoulos
Most of the beaches are not crowded without noisy beach bars and sunbeds. Lush vegetation that reaches the coastlines, pebbles and breathtaking views at the Ioanian sea characterize all of them. 
Photo By ithaki-photopress

Guided walks are organized to Ithaca’s hills and walking paths. The best way to explore the island’s history, nature and customs. If you visit the island during August, you should not miss the local festivals (Greeks call them panigiria) that start in the evening and keep going until early morning. What makes Ithaca’s festivals special, is the alternation of traditional songs (dimotika) with tangos and waltz. You will be amazed by the movements of the talented locals dancing tango and waltz with such a style! 

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