Give yourself a treat, with a Yoga Retreat in Greece

Yoga is a way of life. An alternative way to exercise and meditate the same time. Those who have practiced yoga regularly, claim that it lowers stress, boosts confidence, strengthens your body, increases flexibility, helps you lose excess fat and weight, improves your posture and permanently relaxes the mind and body in the long term.

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Yoga retreats are suitable for peaceful style of vacation, to recharge batteries, to find clarity and reboot your life, exercising and eating healthy food the same time. They are offered all over the world. Greece is one country with very popular Yoga Retreats destinations. One who is keen on participating can choose from a very big list in various areas, islands mostly. In this article are listed two of our favoured ones. Om.

1. Atsitsa in Skyros

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Atsitsa in Skyros island is magnificent place. Its energy and beauty help you reconnect with your body and soul. Your accommodation may be in a hut in the pine forest if you wish. The food is freshly made, clean and wholesome. Yoga classes start early in the morning. Google lists a large amount of Atsitsa Yoga Retreats to choose from.
2. Yoga Rocks in Triopetra
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Yoga Rocks Retreat is located in Crete,  in a beautiful location with amazing viewsThe rooms are very clean and the food served is vegetarian, fresh and very tasteful. The beach is crystal clear. The are no tourists around. Hosts, Phill and Helen constantly work to create a unique experience to their guests.

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