Red and white March bracelet

march bracelet
Photo by sansimera
On the first day of March each year, most mothers braid a bracelet for their daughters, made of red and white twisted threads. We call it “Martis” – March. They stay tied around their wrists from the 1st till the 31st of March. The bracelet represents the beginning of Spring and also it is a “protection” from the strong Greek sun.
On the 1st day of April, girls take off their bracelets and they hang them on a tree or a plant. Doing so, they keep the tree happy for the rest of Springtime. The custom varies in different areas in Greece.
Similar tradition to the Greek March bracelet is also found in other countries such as Bulgaria, Romania and Albania.

2 thoughts on “Red and white March bracelet

  1. exoligu says:

    In Romania boys give march bracelet to the girls they like. Very nice tradition. It is called ”mărțișor” in Romanian. This word is a kind of diminutive of March.

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