Tsipouro, Greek meze’s perfect companion

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Tsipouro (τσίπουρο) is a strong, crystal clear, distilled spirit, an authentic Greek product, made from high quality grapes. It is served in short glasses with or without ice, to a group of friends, while having Greek meze (μεζές). It brings togetherness, cheerfulness and hospitality.
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Tsipouro is produced in many areas in Greece with different names such as tsikoudia or raki in Crete. In certain regions aromatic seeds of anise are added in the still for flavored taste, completely different to the pure and plain one. If you haven’t tried tsipouro before, try both of them to see which one you prefer most. 

It is said that tsipouro made its appearance in the 14th centrury and was produced by the monks in Mount Athos. Since then, apart from its main use as a spirit, it has been used as a remedy or medicine. Keep some portion of tsipouro on the tooth that aches to numb the area and take the pain away temporarily. Rub the area on your body where you feel muscle pain to take the pain away. Or drink hot tsipouro with honey (also known as rakomelo) to relieve your sore throat.

Tsipouro is sold in various Greek food stores and also online.

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