Authentic Greek food outside Greece

This is a list of our favorite places outside Greece where they serve authentic Greek food.

serano bakery toronto
Photo By Serano Bakery Toronto
1. Serano Bakery, Toronto, Canada

Serano Bakery is a family run business with an uncompromised dedication to delivering the freshest products made from wholesome ingredients on a daily basis, 365 days a year, satisfaction guaranteed!

They offer the largest selection of Greek Pastries, Breads and Custom Cakes. They also have a large Greek Food Market where you will find everything from imported Greek cheeses, authentic Greek yogurt, coffee, olive oil, mountain tea, canned goods like Dolmades and even frozen calamari straight from the Mediterranean Sea! They have everything you need to complement a healthy Mediterranean diet. They also have a Wholesale service that caters to other establishments such as restaurants, coffee shops, banquet halls and even other bakeries! Their staff is ready to serve you for any occasion you may have, no matter the size or budget.

Every detail from the ingredients used in their products right down to the box that you take your delicious desserts home in was carefully thought out to give you the same experience as if you were in a bakery in Greece.

Text source: Serano Bakery official page 

santorini restaurant in
Photo By Santorini Hong Kong

2. Santorini Greek Cafe/Restaurant, Hong Kong, China

Santorini Greek Cafe and Restaurant is located in the bustling Soho area in central Hong Kong. The restaurant’s traditional look, inspired by the Greek island architecture and modern decorations will surely grab your attention at first glance! The authentic Greek dishes and the warm Hellenic hospitality will take your senses on a refreshing journey to the Aegean Sea.

The majority of their wine collection at Santorini Restaurant, is not only produced in Greece but also made of ancient Greek varieties which are very unique in aromas and textures.

Their Chef, Andreas Sourdas, was born and raised in Thessaly, the bread basket of Greece. He started his culinary journey at the age of twenty, when he joined the Piraeus school of gastronomy. Shortly after he received his diploma he worked in well-known restaurants, hotels and bakeries in Athens and Santorini, further enhancing his broad knowledge of Greek cuisine. Armed with all this knowledge and experience, he took his first and successful step into the restaurant business world by opening his own restaurant “Feggera”, at the traditional village of Megalochori, Santorini. He spent years in Santorini, exploring and familiarizing himself with the traditional island recipes, unique flavors and aromas that this ancient volcanic land has to offer to the world. Chef Andrea’s philosophy in cooking is based on simplicity, which brings out the most of the flavors of each unique ingredient he uses. Authenticity is the foundation for all of his unique mouthwatering creations.

Text source: Santorini Cafe and Restaurant official page

Photo By myfaveplaces

3. Ergon Foods, Greek Gastronomy in Greece, London, Brussels

Ergon is a selection of premium quality Greek products. Their goal is to promote Greek gastronomy, both in Greece and abroad. The range consists of traditional Mediterranean products made with respect for tradition, combined with their dedication to offering added aesthetic and gastronomic value.

Every new product that is incorporated into the ERGON range is selected based on specific qualitative and organoleptic features; it must be a unique product of Greek nature or ingredient of the Greek diet, or it must introduce a new gastronomic element. Each one of thei products has a distinctive quality feature. Their basis is the essence of the word itself – ERGON, a Greek word meaning work, vocation, but also the product of work. 

At ERGON, they hold that people should dedicate themselves to doing what they know best – what they have been taught and love doing. This central tenet is expressed through the choice of our products. Every product series is sourced from different producers, experts in their respective fields; it has its own name and history. The unifying element is the ERGON brand name and quality guarantee.

They chose to redefine the meaning of “traditional” in regards to aesthetics and quality: They source products and create packaging to meet present-day requirements and standards, while preserving the values of the past. With a contemporary sensibility and usability, but traditionally high quality. Their goal is to make ERGON products available to the public through carefully selected retailers and outlets in Greece and abroad. Currently, ERGON products are available at 300 outlets in Greece; they also have a limited presence across Europe (in France, the UK, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Cyprus, Serbia, and Poland). Their product series are also available in the Greek Duty Free Shops

Text source: Ergon Food official website 


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