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greece economic crisis
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It is known that Greeks are going through an economic crisis. If you are planning to travel to Greece, but hesitate due to this situation, then this post is for you. 
Probably many expected visitors will have the same question. “Should I visit Greece or not during the economic crisis?” And they mistakenly may not visit, because they are not aware that Greece is still a safe place for travelers. 
We believe that this period is a great time to visit Greece. The hot Greek sun, the breathtaking landscapes, the blue sky, the paradise turquoise beaches and the delicious local food have not been affected at all. The majority of sightseeing places are open as usual. This summer you can have all these, by spending less money.
Although most of Greek popularity live an agony about how their future will be affected by the decisions of the new government, you will stay unaffected by all these – tourists have never been a target. 
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Even if Greece exits the Euro, and reinstates the Drachma, that will have minor effect to your vacation. You will still be able to make payments as before and probably prices will be lower than usual. Either currency changes or not, surely prices at hotels, tavernas and bars are lower compared to the prices before the economic crisis.

There may be some demonstrations in Athens, Syntagma square. You better avoid the area where demonstrations happen. Strikes may cause disruption to public transport. We advise you to be informed for any upcoming strikes that may affect your travel schedule. Taxis are everywhere, throughout the country. Ferry and bus services are rarely affected by strikes.

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Greeks are proud of their land and history and they always welcome people who visit to spend their dream holiday in Greece. They hide their personal and financial problems well and with their warm hearts, they do their best and spread their hospitality, to make your holiday an unforgettable experience.


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