5 impressive lighthouses | Greece

According to faroi.gr, the Lighthouse network of Greece has got 120 traditional lighthouses today, which are approximately two centuries old. Only 20 of them are in a very good condition, where as 30 are in medium condition, and the marks of wear and tear are visible to the naked eye in the other structures. He selected 5 of the most impressive lighthouses in Greece.
1. The Koprena Lighthouse, established in 1893, 9 meters in height, two red or white flashed every 16 seconds.
koprena lighthouse
Photo By enet.gr
2. The Saint Theodoree in Argostoli, Kefalonia : built in 1828, it is a circular structure with 20 columns. Its tower is 8 meters tall.  
kefalonia lighthouse
Photo By galaxyht
3. The Lighthouse in Antirio: manufactured in 1880, the altitude of the tower is 9 meters and the height of focal plane is 15 meters. 
antirio lighthouse
Photo By kastra.eu
4. The Lighthouse in Nafpaktos: build in 1909, the altitude of the tower is 8 meters and the height of focal plane is 16 meters. 
nafpaktos lighthouse
Photo By ethnos.gr
5. The Lighthouse in Chania: Chania’s trademark, was constructed between the years of 1320 and 1356, 21 meters tall.
chania lighthouse
Photo By tsoumpasphotogallery

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