Greek liqueurs

greek liqueur
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Traditional Greek liqueurs (λικέρ) are sweet spirit drinks made of Greek fruits, seeds, nuts, vegetable and flowers. Usually they are served in a small glass after a meal. Homemade liqueurs are kept in beautifully designed and vintage-style bottles. The tradition has passed on from generation to generation and nowadays you can still have homemade, premium quality liqueurs, everywhere in Greece. They are also sold online.
In this article we present just a small example of these tasteful and aromatic drinks. The list is endless.
sour cherry liqueur
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Our favorite and most classic Greek liqueur is Vissino (λικέρ βύσσινο) a sour cherry liqueur. The sourness of sour cherries is combined with alcohol and a few spices resulting into a drink with a dark ruby colour, an intoxicating aroma and full bodied flavour. 
mastic greek liqueur
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Mastic liqueur, named Mastiha (λικέρ μαστίχα) is a unique liqueur made of the resin of the mastic trees of Chios island.  Mastiha liqueur is traditionally served chilled as a digestive drink, after each meal. Another excellent way to enjoy it, is to pour it in a tall glass with crushed ice or as an ingredient in Greek-style cocktails.


orange liqueur
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Portokali (λικέρ πορτοκάλι), is a refreshing liqueur. The strong aromas of orange, bitter orange, lemon, mandarin and grapefruit make this liqueur extraordinary. Enjoy it as a digestive drink at the end of your dinner or combine it with desserts. Use it also to make refreshing fruit salads or drizzle it over your sponge cake.


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