How to make Greek coffee

greek coffe
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Greek coffee (ελληνικός καφές) is prepared in a special coffee pot briki (pronounce as bree-kee) preferably on hovoli (heated sand). As it is very difficult to have hovoli in our kitchens, you can heat Greek coffee on a gas stove or on a single camping gas burner. Greek coffee is served hot, single in a Greek coffee cup /espresso cup or double in normal size cups.
Steps to prepare a single Greek coffee (for double simply double the amounts):
  • Fill a coffee cup with tap water and pour into your briki. Make sure your briki is big enough if you make double Greek coffee
  • Add 1 teaspoon of Greek coffee (powder). If you prefer strong coffee add 1/2 or 1 more teaspoon. 
  • Add 1/2 a teaspoon of sugar or more if you like your coffee sweet. Stevia, or brown sugar can used instead.
  • Place the briki on the gas, on low heat.
  • Let the coffee heat up on low heat. Never leave the coffee heating up unattended.
  • The surface of the coffee will start foaming. Lift the briki up to settle the foam and put it on low heat again and watch the coffee foaming up again.
  • Once the foam covers the surface of the coffee, remove the briki from the heat.
  • Serve it in your coffee cup on a saucer.
  • By tradition Greek coffee is served with spoon sweets.
TIP: Very important, don’ t add milk & sugar and don’ t stir Greek coffee after it is served. Let the grinds sink to the bottom.

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