Acheron River, where experiences are endless

Photo By Vicky Pan
Acheron River (ποταμός Αχέροντας) is one of our favorite places in Greece and we have already written a post about this paradise place. Last summer we visited Acheron River again. And that time we were determined to walk and swim into its cold waters. So we prepared ourselves, bought river shoes (you definitely cannot walk in the river without them) and a waterproof case, where you put your keys, some money and your phone (it is advisable to have your phone with you if you decide to walk a long distance). You can buy these at the stalls at the start of the walk, near the parking places. Leave behind a bag with a towel and dry clothes to change when you arrive back. 
acheron river
Photo By PargaPortal
The water was freezing at the beginning. And this is the most challenging part of the walk. Because of the springs, the water at this point is very cold and you may think that you cannot manage walking any further. We recommend you start walking fast. Or rest for 5-10 seconds on the banks so that your body gets used to the temperature. And then start walking again. The water temperature gets better after a couple of minutes. Nature becomes stunning, and your walk more adventurous. For some short distances you must walk through narrow paths and slippery rocks. At some parts the river gets deeper. Swim hard and fast to cope with the current of the river. Stop for a while, listen to the nature sounds and feel the vibes of this ancient place.
acheron bridge
Photo By Giannis Gioutlakis

After an exciting one hour of walking / swimming, we reached this stone bridge. This is the point where you can walk upon the rocks and reach the top of the bridge. The view is breathtaking. From there you can go back to the river or you can follow the path on the right hand side (follow the red spots). It takes about 45 minutes to go back to where you firstly started walking in the river. We chose the second option. We were completely wet by the river and we really enjoyed walking in the dense green nature. 


Photo By thesprotia3d

One of the most beautiful spots on the way back was this narrow tunnel in the rock. The area is also known as Skala tis Tzavelenas and is a must for those who like hiking.


7 thoughts on “Acheron River, where experiences are endless

  1. Merlijn says:

    Great blog to read!! Looks amazing! We are going there tomorrow, having a car we are going to park at Glyki, and follow the standard track. Any special tips? (Except for the ones mentioned in the blog). We’re really looking forward to it!

    • GreeceByAGreek says:

      Thank you for your kind words! Just ignore all the touristic stuff and enjoy it! Let me know afterwards whether you liked it!🌼

      • Merlijn says:

        Been there. Done that! It was amazing, great view, crystal clear water and an amazing walk through the river! It was a lot tougher than we expected though, at least an hour walk/swim through water that feels like 5 degrees celcius. Water shoes were mandatory, wouldn’t have survived without them! And indeed, the touristic stuff is better to be ignored… rafting on this river? Must be a joke…. thanks once again, had an amazing day to never forget!

  2. Jelena says:

    Hi! We are heading to Acherom river tomorrow so I hope you see this before 🙂 did you start from gliki town or what was the starting point? Thanks! Br, Jelena

    • GreeceByAGreek says:

      Hi You arrive at GlykI. You park your car at the parking of the area near the river just before the entrance of the green area where the walking begins. At first you walk in the green area that leads to the springs of the river. Ask some people as well. You will reach a point that you won’t be able to walk on the ground anymore. That’s where yourjourney in the water begins. Deep breath and you ll do it!

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