It’s Greek to me by Andrea Granahan (author)

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Laundry day in Vourvoura By Andrea Granahan
Andrea Granahan’ s book, It’s Greek to me, is a book just published about a young American family living in rural Greece, in the late 1960′ s. Author’s purpose in writing the book is that she wants modern and ex-pat Greeks to get a glimpse of the profound beauty and meaning of their own roots.  
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Book Cover By Andrea Granahan

In 1967 a young American sculptor and his family booked passage on a freight ship and moved to Greece, long before there was a European Union or Euros and the drachma was still the currency. This is the story of the family’s pivotal years first in the mountain villages of the Peloponnesus and then on the island of Paros in the Cyclades. The rural Greeks embraced the family and the family embraced the Greeks’ simple way of life, with hilarious and harrowing moments along the way.  Life was so basic everyone knew how many jars they owned because each one had its use, and your food was local because there was only one boat delivery a week. The Greeks knew how to work hard and celebrate wholeheartedly. Not a wealthy super-country, Greece was rich not just in history but in daily enjoyment of life.

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