Naxos | Our favorite parts of it

Naxos (Νάξος) is the largest Cycladic island, green and very mountainous.
It has been one of our favorites places to visit for the last 10 years. In this post we collected three of our pictures that reminds us some great moments we spent on the island some years ago.
1. Horse riding. Beautiful rides on the beach. Great sunset views. If you like adventures do not miss it!
horse riding in naxos
Photo By Greece by a Greek 


2. Shark rock in Agia Anna. We would never forget the feeling when we were walking and came across this rock. At least this one is harmless.  Later we found out that this is a touristic attraction.
shark rock in naxos
Photo By Greece by a Greek 


3.  Visiting religious monuments in Naxos is an unforgettable experience. Most of them were built during the Venetian period. Some of them are isolated, away from the crowds ideal to rest and meditate.

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2 thoughts on “Naxos | Our favorite parts of it

  1. Andrea Granahan says:

    The ancient temple that looks so strange on Naxos was reconstructed upsidedown I was told. AN enthusiastic but ill-informed amateur archaeologist tried to put it back together. It looks somewhat Egyptian, and everyone likes it so as far as I know no one has attempted a new reconstruction. I, too , loved Naxos.

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