Long donkey – traditional children’s game

Long donkey (μακριά γαϊδούρα) is an old game that young boys used to play when they were gathered together out on the streets. Although technology has taken much of children’s time, some kids still play in the schoolyards or in the parks their grandparents’ games. Nowadays girls also take part in this game
How to play:
Children divide into two groups (teams). One member of a team sings “eeny, meeny, miny, moe” in order to decide which team will “bend” and which one will “jump”. Then one member of the “bend” team will stand against a wall or if there is no wall they bend over and wrap their arms around a tree or something else. The other members of the “bend” team, one by one, bend over and wrap their arms each time around the last kid’s waist…forming a “long donkey”.
Then, the members of the “jump” team, one by one, run and jump on the “long donkey’s” back. After a few jumps eventually the “long donkey” breaks. The winning team is the one that holds up the largest number of children. 
long donkey game

Photo By Ethnos


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      I guess you were to write this comment under the cracking eggs posts and not this one. But surely this game is an all time favorite 😊

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