Like a bird in Thessaloniki

Like a bird (in Thessaloniki) is an amazing video of Actioncam showing Thessaloniki as you haven’t seen it before.

At the following links you can see the exact locations on the video.
0:001:01 Ship wreck and birds
1:011:07 Thermi
1:071:19 Thessalonikis – N. Moudanion motorway
1:191:45 White tower (trademark building of Thessaloniki)
1:451:51 Next to the city’s music hall
1:512:15 Old city walls
2:152:22 Low flight at the EOT’s abandoned camping facilities
2:222:33 Aretsou’s yacht and sailing port
2:332:59 Abandoned train cars (some tracks in use)
2:593:02 Around the white tower
3:023:06 City’s music hall and a cyclist next to it
3:113:15 EOT’s abandoned camping facilities
3:153:18 Thermi’s dam
3:243:36 Aristotelous square

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