Christopsomo – The Greek Christmas bread

christopsomo greek christmas bread

Photo By Argiro

Christopsomo (Χριστόψωμο), Christ’s bread is a very old Orthodox tradition. In most Greek Orthodox homes, the bread is made on the 24th of December with high quality ingredients and a lot of care. It is usually round in form with decorations on top. In the old times, people would fast until the morning church service on Christmas day and would eat this bread as their dinner just with olives and red wine.

Nowadays this old tradition has faded out and Greeks serve christopsomo at dinner time on Christmas day or with Greek coffee after dinner if it is a sweet one. There are various different recipes either for the plain or the sweet spiced ones. And with various different decorations. The most common decoration is a cross made of dough and four walnuts with their shells embedded on the edges of the cross.

christopsomo greek christmas bread 2

Traditional plain Christ bread  –  Photo By Orthodox Christian Network

If you want to make a sweet spiced christopsomo, we have tried this recipe from the Greek Glutton and it is delicious! Otherwise they are sold during Christmas period in all Greek bakeries around the world. 

Recipe and Photo By The Greek Glutton

Recipe and Photo By The Greek Glutton

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