Tzoumerka – the unknown beauty of the Greek land

Tzoumerka is a mountain range in Northwestern Greece, Epirus. Nature is very wild and the whole area is unspoiled by modern civilization. People visit Tzoumerka for its natural beauty, gorges, rocks, rivers and lakes. It mainly attracts nature lovers and those who adore outdoor activities. On the slopes of Tzoumerka stand its villages. This is where tradition meets history and life away from the stressful cities. Tzoumerka mountain range has entered the European network Natura 2000. Last December we visited Tzoumerka and below are the highlights of our trip.


We stayed at “To Gefyri tis Plakas” for two nights. The hotel is very close to Arahthos river and it is the ideal place to stay if you like rafting excursions. The rooms are very clean and spacious. There is a cafe and restaurant on the ground floor. The food is great and home-cooked with fresh local products. The owners’ hospitality is excellent. Combined with private Jacuzzi and sauna this hotel gives an unforgettable experience.


If you are into trekking, Trekking Hellas Tzoumerka and his founder Dimitris offer an amazing trekking and rafting experience. Dimitris is a professional I.R.F. rafting guide and trainer with vast experience and participation in international expeditions. The whole experience and the scenery are breathtaking.


The Kipinas Monastery was built in 1212 and is one of the most spectacular monasteries found in Greece. If the monastery is closed you get the keys from the local taverna and open it yourself. The chapel is tiny but it is magnificent. You must turn on the lights and walk through the deep dark cave which is inside. The monastery was impressively built within the rock of a sheer cliff.

anemoptera cave pramanta

Anemoptera cave in the area of Pramanda is one of the most beautiful caves in Greece. The cave is about 250 m long. You will admire the stalagmites and three small lakes that have been formed just below them.


Syrrako and Kalarytes villages are architectural pieces of art. You should definitely visit them, and walk through their stone-built paths. We are going to write a separate post for these villages. 

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