Porto Katsiki and Egremni beaches – Summer 2016

If you wonder how Porto Katsiki and Egremni beaches in Lefkada (Lefkas) look like this summer (2016) after the earthquake and whether they are accessible then read on. As we haven’t visited the island this summer ourselves, we just had a look on Tripadvisor to see what visitors¬†who visited the island in June 2016¬†think so.


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Porto Katsiki June 2016 Photo by Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor Reviews – Porto Katsiki – June 2016

  • We were grinning from ear to ear.
    It’s a place that has to be visited as the water color has to be witnessed and a swim is unforgetable. It’s an unmanaged Beach so pack a picnic and your own shade. Thongs will help with the pebble Beach. Drive like we did or get the ferry from Nidri. NB the bracket is steep.
  • Small beach, but with a wonderful color! Now it’s mostly sandy, with a lot of salt since the water keeps you easily up. You can enjoy more than half of the day under the rocks without an umbrella, if you pass them randomly, however there is also a note to stay far from the rocks, which is kind of difficult because it’s nearly all rocks. Remember if you intend to visit it, that there are no bars/coffee shops or anything down in the beach, so you need to buy stuff before you go downstairs since there are too many stairs.
  • It is a long and far from exiting drive there. I tend to find big boats boring, but here I wished we had taken a boat.
    It is breathtakingly beautiful, but driving a hour to see it, I am not quite sure was worth it.
    There is a lot of steps (somebody said 100) to get there, and when you get down it is a stone beach with some rather big stones.
    There is a very steep hill down to the water and in the water it is all stones as well. I almost could not get out of the water because the stones hurt so much.
    If you plan on going swimming bring swin shoes by all means.
    Parking costs 3 EUR and can be very crowdy.
  • We set off from Agios Nikitas to find this beach, the drive was quite hairy in places as the road narrows so that it is difficult for 2 cars to pass in some places, some twisty roads too. There was no petrol station open between Agios Nikitas and Porto Katsiki either. The road as you approach has been re tarmacked and there is a large car park where you can park all day quite cheaply. The view as you descend is amazing and the beach is very popular despite there being little in the way of amenities. There is one restaurant further up the hill and they provide a service where you can order food and drinks and they will deliver to you on the beach! I can imagine this being very crowded in the summer, it was the most populated beach we visited during our stay. Probably better to visit on a day trip via boat. A lovely beach, but not our favourite.


Egremni June 2016 Photo by Tripadvisor

egremni 2016

Egremni June 2016 Photos by Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor Reviews – Egremni- June 2016

  • I was on Egremni on 12th of June 2016. I was IMPRESSED as I expected ruined beach after the earthquake. The beach is still BIG and STUNNING !!! The only difference is that stairs are not accessible and there is just a very very small part of the beach where you can see some landslide – almost not noticeable when you are on the beach. I went there by boat from Vasiliki (15 euros – 2,5 h on Egremni 1,5 h on Porto Katsiki). The fact that there are no stairs available results in EMPTY beach – where you can really feel as being in a real paradise. I was simply impressed!!! Love you Egremni !!!
  • The road is closed, it’s proximity 2km from where you see the sign that you can’t anymore go with car. The road is challenging due the earthquake and the 2km will take proximity 30-40min. We tried to walk down the stairs, due the earthquake halfway you have no stairs anymore. It’s impossible to go down.. And if you do, I don’t really know how you will get up.. Right now it’s only boats that can enter the beach.. If you wanna see just to see it.. Then take a bottle of water, you will need it up way…






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