Lichadonisia – the unknown small island complex


Lichadonisia or Lichades (Λιχαδονήσια) is a fantastic island complex in Northeast Evia. This truly paradise place consists of seven islands and islets. Manolia is the largest one and it is top tourist attraction in the summer. The complex was formed by an earthquake in 426BC.


Lighthouse on Strogili island by

The beach is sandy and the water is crystal clear. This a hidden paradise on earth. A canteen close by offers great food with reasonable prices. For those who prefer umbrellas and sundecks they are available with no extra cost. Small boat trips can take you around the island complex which is an amazing experience.  


Photo by TornosNews

From Athens drive about 2 hours to Kammena Vourla and take the boat. In about 20 minutes you will arrive there. If you choose to stay in Kammena Vourla check for accommodation choices.

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