Greek Mountain Tea – Tsai Vounou

Greek mountain tea is also known as Sideritis, literally meaning someone who is made of steel. It is a flower plant and was traditionally used in herbal medicine.  Nowadays, it is widely used in the winter as herbal tea. 

The plant grows on the mountainsides throughout Greece. Shepherds used to brew it during the time that they were attending their flocks in the mountains.

Hippocrates, the great philosopher and father of modern medicine, praised Greek mountain tea for its positive effect on the immune and respiratory systems. And for thousands of years, Greeks have been drinking this tea for its abundance of health benefits such as a positive effect on colds, respiratory problems, digestion, the immune system and anxiety. More recently, modern science has begun to delve into better understanding the health benefits of Greek mountain tea. And some of the resulting studies indicate that it may have promise in the prevention of osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s and even cancer and as well as a positive effect on a myriad of different ailments including colds, fevers, respiratory problems, digestion problems, and anxiety. (source

Mountain tea works perfectly as a replacement for coffee. It gives you a sense of calm and relieve anxiety. To make it: Put 250ml of water into a small pot. Take 2 or 3 stems of mountain tea and break into smaller sections. Strain the tea into your mug and add lemon juice, honey, or cinnamon.

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