Our trip to Zagorohoria in photos – DAY 1

Even if the rest of Greece is hot during August, the dense oak trees shades of Vikos Aoos National Park, in the North Pindus Mountains, make hiking the Vikos gorge possible.  We visited the area in mid-August.

Our base was Monodendri village, on the rim of the gorge.

Day 1 

20minutes walk from Monodendri to Agia Paraskevi Monastery

We stayed at Archontiko Zarkadas, beautiful, affortable with very good breakfast. This is our garden view from the room.

Walking on the stone-paved paths towards the Monastery, we admired the traditional architecture of Zagorohoria

Stone is seen everywhere

At the abandoned monastery

The chapel is open for visits during the day

View from the monastery

If you want to find information about the monastery, check WikiPedia

Walking around the corner of the cliff. The view from there is absolutely breathtaking. Be careful as the path is very narrow and you may get dizzy from the height

This photo of o-klooun shows perfectly how the path looks like

At the end of the day we enjoyed a light and tasteful dinner at the popular Kikitsa’s pies, at Monodendri village.



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