Our trip to Zagorochoria in photos – DAY 2

Even if the rest of Greece is hot during August, the dense oak trees shades of Vikos Aoos National Park, in the North Pindus Mountains, make hiking the Vikos gorge possible.  We visited the area in mid-August.

Our base was Monodendri village, on the rim of the gorge.

Day 2 

12Km : Monodendri – Kokori BridgeVitsa – Monodendri


The beginning of the path is the place in Monodendri where scenes of ‘Anaparastasi”, the movie of the great Greek director Theodoros Angelopoulos,were filmed, in 1970

Signs of the two paths that start in Monodendri

The path down the river is rocky and very steep


Voidomatis River very dry, as we visited in August

View from inside the gorge

Take at a lot of water and a snack with you. There are plenty of rocks so good walking shoes are recommended.

A little oasis in the desert 🙂

Misius Bridge , a point where you have various options to choose the path you prefer

Misius Bridge was built in 1748

The path from Misius Bridge to Kokkori Bridge

The beautiful stone bridge of Kokkori. From there we walked back to Misius Bridge and chose to go to Vitsa

An iconostasi near Vitsa

Traditional architecture of Zagori in Vitsa

In Vitsa we stopped for a delicious late lunch – early dinner at Kanela & Garyfallo. An exceptional restaurant with wild mushroom based dishes. This is their superb mushroom soup.

View of Vitsa from the restaurant

On the way back to Monodendri we chose the shortest and easiest route, the main road.




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