Exquisite Jewellery Made in Greece

This post is a place for jewellery lovers who want to give their jewellery box a touch of Greek designers’ sparkle. I am going to share with you my favourite pieces from their collection but I am sure you will be delighted to see all their work on their official pages which I am back-linking to.

Listed in alphabetical order.

Aelia Crafts –   Conceptual jewellery brand inspired from the art of ancient Greece and its unique heritage & culture.


Follow Aelia Crafts on Facebook @aeliacrafts – Follow Aelia Crafts on Instagram @aelia_crafts


Fotini Psarouli –  A masterful jewellery maker that creates, elegant artisanal jewellery.


See Fotini Psarouli’s website @fotinipsarouli.com – Follow her on Instagram @fotinipsarouli

greecs – A curated collection of Greek works of art, from museum reproductions to modern creations


See greecs’ website @greecs.com – Follow them on Instagram @greecsworksofart

Nicofilimon Jewelry – Using the inspiration of Greece, the knowledge of the world and the shimmering, precious essence of dreams as raw materials, Nicofilimon, aka Nikos Garbis, creates art objects that caress the body.


See Nicofilimon’s website @nicofilimon.com – Follow him on Instagram @nicofilimonjewelry

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