My best Greek Instagram travel accounts (part i)

If, like me, you often find yourself scrolling through Instagram for travelling inspiration, it might be time to start following some of my best travel Instagram accounts for beautiful Greek destination photos that will spark some vacation ideas.


🌸 Animal Lover 🌸 Sea Lover 🌸 Mobile Photography 🌸 23.02 Pisces 🌸 From Corfu 🌸 Greece 



Amateur photographer. Views through his Canon. Based mainly in Greece and Turkey.





Thessaloniki / Greece 📷 Nikon P900 📷 Nikon D720

18 years old – Urban – Sunset – Vintage
 Greek |📍 Mitilini
Travel obsessed Greek 🆓
Granddaughter of philosophers and oracles
Miltiadis Menexes ,Thessaloniki -Greece Nikon D3300 Nikkor 18-105mm
Tᴴᴱssᴬᴸᴼᴺᴵᴷᴵ Gᖇᴱᴱᴄᴱ  Huawei P30 pro NIKON D3400
Travel to Create | Greece ▪️Filmmaker in the process
Urban.. Street.. Nature..
Sunrise sunset and landscapes
Loves Photography as a hobby. All photos without filters
You may as well follow my instagram account @greecebyagreek
Part 2 to be posted soon

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