Must places and things to do in Ioannina

So, you are travelling to this city and you want do things that will make this trip unforgettable? I have got some tips for you.

Ioannina city is located on the shores of the Lake Pamvotis in Northwestern Greece and it is one of the most atmospheric cities in Greece. So what are my must places to visit and my must things to do?

The Castle / Kastro 

The walls of the old fortified city, the Kastro, enclose a breathtaking quarter.  Within the walls are some ruins and ancient buildings that are worth the look. There’s a great view of the lake from the castle.  There are located the Museum and the castle of Ali Pasha Tepelena, a magnificent place with historical importance. 


Pamvotis Lake is one of the oldest lakes worldwide. It is a sensitive ecosystem, which belongs to the European network of protected areas, NATURA 2000, due to its important habitats and the species of flora and fauna. Do not miss a long walk by the lake and you must definitely take a boat and visit the little island (read this post about it)


Apart from the typical and touristic information which you will definitely find everywhere online, I suggest the following top places for food and drinks

Bougatsa Select

A traditional small place that is run by a very kind and super smart old lady that makes everything there by herself. You won’t find a vast majority of things to buy, but the place is globally known for its original tastes of baklava and sweet and cheese bougatsa. It is also believed that this is the best bougatsa in Greece. Highly recommended.

Fysa Roufa Homemade Cuisine

A traditional restaurant with delicious Greek cuisine with a great and tasteful selections of homemade meals with meat, soups, vegetables, vegan and vegetarian options.

Saligaros Coffee & Tea

This is a really unusual and unique cafe located at one of the city’s most beautiful sidewalks. Saligaros is one of the best vintage-style bars I have visited in Greece. The atmosphere is unique and fantastic, the music is great and the service is of top quality. The architecture and the design of the place are wonderful.

Gyali Kafene

This place is fabulous and it brings some nostalgic and historic memories from the past times of the city. A nice yard for the hot days of the year and a cosy, warm place indoors to enjoy your coffee or drink.

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