My best tip if you visit Metsovo

Those of you who have already visited Metsovo  know who delightful a long weekend there is . But have you ever visited Anilio, the village right opposite Metsovo, just 6.5km apart? Believe me, the panoramic view from there is unforgettable.

So, first things first. I visited Metsovo but I escaped the high prices of the hotels there by choosing to stay in Anilio, in my favourite hotel of this village, Hotel La Munte Mountain Resort, with breathtaking views at Metsovo.

Metsovo, as seen from Anilio

 – My best tip if you adore nature

 is to walk from Anilio to Metsovo, or the other way around. This is the best walking path in the area, with beautiful nature, running water and old buildings. It is not a long one, quite easy I would say. It only gets a bit tough once you get close to the Metsovo. You definitely need trekking shoes. Once you get to Metsovo enjoy a hot drink or a local meal in a cafe or a taverna. There are pleny with great quality. The following photos show the beauty of the path. If you choose to walk from Metsovo to Anilio, there are a couple of decent tavernas in Anilio too. Before you begin, ask a couple of locals to show you exactly where the paths start from.

Getting closer …

St. Triada Church in Metsovo

Once you manage all this walking I am sure you can go a little bit further and visit the beautiful church of Agia Triada to admire its amazing architecture.

If you are planning to stay in Metsovo or Anilio book your room in advance, because rooms in the area get booked rapidly. Check for special offers.


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