Get into the wild side of Epirus

Λίμνη Ζηρού

A couple of days ago, I had the chance to indulge myself into the magic landscape of this lake. It is a virgin place where you can kayak or sup moving away from the shore and feel the unique vibes of nature with stunning views and an exceptional sunset.
Get more information of how to get into the wild side of the area, and the guy, Lucas, who organises the activities on

Photo Into the Wild

The lake is absolutely stunning and a magnificent place if you adore nature and its vibes. I spent there the whole day by the lake and also hiking  kayaking and SUP.
Lucas and the other guys from Into the Wild are extremely nice and helpful.

Photo Into the Wild

On the beautiful beach of Loutsa, near Preveza the group arrives by road early in the morning to start the sea kayaking journey.  There you admire the colors of the dawn and the sea lull. From that point, making the necessary preparations, the group will roam the Ionian coastline to the west and meet steep beaches with enchanting seas, large caves and verdant pine-covered mountains with wild beauty.

There is a variety of outdoor activities for all the different capacity levels you can choose from in order to meet with all the unique natural beauties of Epirus. The small town of Preveza where Into the Wild are based is indeed a big surprize for the newvisitors in terms of memories, imagery, feelings.

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