Around Kapesovo & Tsepelovo | Zagorochoria (in photos)

One of my most favourite summer destinations in Greece is Zagorochoria. This summer I visited Kapesovo and Tsepelovo. Both villages are well-preserved, with beautiful traditional houses and narrow pedestrian alleys. Places that are interesting to visit are, Paschalios school, Kapesovo Scale, a well-known long cobblestone path that connects Kapesovo with Vradeto. This scale is the largest and most well-preserved in Zagorochoria. Other places to visit, close to Kipoi are the Kalogeriko Bridge, the Kokkori Bridge and the Lazaridis plant museum.

Tsepelovo is the largest village in central Zagori, about 50 km from Ioannina. The places that you should definitely visit is the Grave of Ioannis Vilaras, and the church of Saint Nikolaos. From the village a walking path leads to Drakolimni, the famous lake of unique beauty that is located on the top of Timfi mountain.

For the most adventurous ones and those who love hiking, do not miss the Iliochori waterfalls also known as, Balta di Stringa Waterfalls. It was a amazing to discover the green pools of this waterfall and swim in the cold waters of it. You park your car in Iliochori and then you start following the relevant signs. It is a long path, about 1.5Km, so you definitely need proper walking shoes, a hat and cool water, and probably something to have as a snack. There are seating picnic areas around the waterfall

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