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Last week I got interviewed by Christos Aggelidis , a photographer, radio producer and contributor writer of the portal, so I had the chance to get some more information about their radio station and editorial. comes from my most favourite city in Greece, Thessaloniki, which is full of great vibes anyway. It is an internet place with fresh and modern outlook, ideal if you are a Greek living abroad and want to stay in touch with various news and articles , that will get you closer to Greece, mentally – especially these days, that COVID-19 doesn’t let us travel as much as we want to. Apart from the articles, on their page, at the bottom left corner there is a little button that turns on their web-radio station for you, with great music which you can listen wherever you are.

The interview on MIXCLOUD

If you want to listen to the interview, I start at the 58th minute

Some words about the producer Christos Aggelidis

I have only met Christos through Social Media, especially through my Instagram account of greecebyagreek, where I see beautiful and artistic photographs of Greece. Although I am not a photographer myself, I could tell that some accounts need to be shown globally. So on one of my previous articles I wrote about his Instagram account @aggelidis_photography

Christos is also an artist that can offer you the art of photography regarding your wedding day, pre-wedding, bridal or groom preparation, wedding reception and after wedding session. You can see more about these on his website

Recently he created a new Instagram account which will travel you to Greece with the best and most amazing pictures of Greece @amazing_greek_pics

About my interview on

During the interview with Christos Aggelidis, I talked about how I started my blog, my Facebook page of the blog Greece by a Greek my Instagram account @greecebyagreek . I also talked about the release of my new book “μία ιστορία αγάπης – Λόγια ενός Έρωτα” Ελένη Ισπόγλου which can be sent anywhere in the world through PAYPAL from the publisher’s website Πρότυπες Εκδόσεις Πηγή but is also available in all bookstores in Greece

I also mentioned how I started writing love poems on Social Media with the name “μία ιστορία αγάπης” and people can reach my accounts on Facebook and Instagram

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