Sailing the Ionian Greek islands

sailing the greek islands
 Sailing the Ionian Greek island This video about sailing was made by Ryan Clark as a birthday present to his granddad, the skipper of their sailing trip to the Ionian Greek islands (νησιά Ιονίου) of Kefallonia (Κεφαλονιά) and Ithaca (Ιθάκη).  Definitely one of the best videos we have seen about Greece, its pure beauty and its colours. The music is also perfect, as a cinematic effect. Once you start watching it you will get that nostalgic feeling when summer holidays are over. Winner of “Vimeo Staff Pick” December 2014
Winner of “VOTD Video of the Day” January 2015

IONIAN from Ryan Clarke on Vimeo.

Films shot in Greece

Beautiful scenery, culture, colours, music and traditions. The main ingredients that made these films popular. Films shot in Greece made the country even more popular for travelers. Here is a list of our favourite ones. 1. Alexis Zorbas – 1964 – Crete 
Photo By Virtual History
  2. Never on Sunday – 1960 – Piraeus  
Photo By lifo
3. James Bond 007, For your eyes only – 1981 – Corfu
Photo By reddit
4. Le grand bleu – 1988 – Amorgos 
Photo By tovima
   5. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin – 2001 – Kefallonia
Photo By prezi
     6. Mamma Mia – 2008 – Skopelos and Skiathos
Photo By Nick Karvounis
7. Before Midnight – 2013 – Southern Peloponnese incl. Mani and Kardamili
Photo By wanderinggeekette
Update 22/09/2015 Thank you very much for your messages and comments under the original post and FB post. We added below the list of your favorite films shot in Greece 1. Shirley Valentine – 1989 – St. Ioannis in Myconos (reader Beachy35)
2. Mediterraneo – 1991 – Kastellorizo (reader Raffa)

3. Boy on Dolphin – 1957 – Hydra (reader maria z – dirtychicdiary)


Sunsets in Greece

Sunsets in Greece Across Greece, from east to west and the islands, one can admire amazingly beautiful sunsets. Here are photos of our ten most beautiful sunsets, Greece. Not just in Santorini… 1. Oia, Santorini 
Photo By 7-themes
  2. Portara, Naxos
Photo By airphoto
3. Myrtos, Kefallonia
Photo By digital-camera
4. Castle, Milos
Photo By Vasilis Anastasopoulos
  5. Sounio, Attica
Photo By Jeff Lancaster
  6. Mani, Tripoli
Photo By Elliniko Panorama
7. Lefkada, Ionian Islands
Photo By Argyris Angelopoulos
8. Kalamaria, Thessaloniki
Photo By Elliniko Panorama