Earthquake while on holiday in Greece? Here is what to do

6.6 magnitude earthquake shook popular Greek and Turkish holiday destinations in the Aegean Sea, Kos island, Greece on July 21, 2017

=&0=& are =&1=&, though strong seismic activity around Athens is rare. But the 1999 quake looms large in the memories of many residents.

According to the Tourism Ministry, when an earthquake occurs please follow these instructions:

If you are at the interior of a building

– Remain calm

– Take cover under a sturdy piece of furniture (table, desk etc), stand on your knees and hold on to the leg of the table or the desk

– If a sturdy piece of furniture does not exist, stand on your knees in the middle the room, staying as low as possible and trying to cover your head with your hands. Keep away from large glass surfaces such as windows, or furniture and objects that might hurt you.

– Do not try to leave the building.

– Do not get out on a balcony, if one exists

If you are in a tall building

– Keep away from glass windows and outer walls

If you are in a shopping mall or a big commercial store

– Remain calm

– Stay exactly where you are until the tremble comes to a stop

– Don’t get swept away by the running crowd which is moving unorderly towards the exits because there is a high risk of being stepped over.

If you are at an open space

– Get away from places situated exactly underneath buildings or from places where there are telephone or electricity cables.

– If you are carrying a handbag, put it over your head in order to protect yourself.

If you are in a car

– Go to an open space and stop the car somewhere where it does not impede the circulation of other vehicles

– Keep away from tunnels or bridges

source: Tourism Ministry

PS the Ministry certainly means: buildings built after 2000 when strict anti-seismic construction measures were introduced. Read more...