Give yourself a treat, with a Yoga Retreat in Greece

Yoga is a way of life. An alternative way to exercise and meditate the same time. Those who have practiced yoga regularly, claim that it lowers stress, boosts confidence, strengthens your body, increases flexibility, helps you lose excess fat and weight, improves your posture and permanently relaxes the mind and body in the long term.

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Yoga retreats are suitable for peaceful style of vacation, to recharge batteries, to find clarity and reboot your life, exercising and eating healthy food the same time. They are offered all over the world. Greece is one country with very popular Yoga Retreats destinations. One who is keen on participating can choose from a very big list in various areas, islands mostly. In this article are listed two of our favoured ones. Om.

1. Atsitsa in Skyros

Would you kitesurf next time in Greece?

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Kitesurfing is an extreme water sport quite popular in Greece. Kitesurfers are being pulled by a large kite while standing on the surfing board. So, a surfing board, a large kite and of course some lessons are what you need to practice it if you feel adventurous next time you spend your holidays in Greece.
In this post, we are introducing two of the best points in Greece where in short time you can learn kitesurfing.
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BigBlue-SurfCenter is located at the Psalidi area in Kos island. Friendly and warm IKO certified instructors that speak the language of your preference teach beginners how to start and some new skills to those who already know how to kitesurf. The spot has got a beach with pebbles and sand. 
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Kite in Athens offer various lesson packages for beginners with special prices for 2 or more persons, for students and prepaid packages. The instructors are extremely friendly and informative. The locations are in various destinations depending on the tour that you prefer, half day or day ones.


The alternative side of the cosmopolitan Mykonos island

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Whether you are a beginner or a master scuba diver, Mykonos‘ professional diving centers offer the choice you are looking for.
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The amazing diving site of the “Anna II” Shipwerk is one of the most popular.
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The Kalafakiona reef is also a diving site with outstanding underwater scenery.  
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Another site of great diving interest is the caves complex in Tragonisi. 
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If you wish to spot fish, starfish, sea urchins and more marine life, then wall diving in Agia Anna is highly recommended.
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The National Marine Park of Alonissos, Europe’s largest protected marine area

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The National Marine Park of Alonissos is located in Central Eastern Greece in the north part of the Sporades islands. It is Greece’s first park of its kind and currently it is the largest sea area that is protected in Europe. The park’s area of more than 2,000 sq. km, includes the island of Alonissos,  6 smaller islands and 22 islets. The marine park is accessible with various organised boat trips that depart from Alonissos port. The excursion is definitely going to be an unforgettable experience of your life, with high chances to spot dolphins, sea turtles and seals.   
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  The marine park is under very strict rules of protection, with limited human interference, thus making it a natural and healthy home for many threatened species of sea life, such as the Monk seals. In specific areas you can swim, snorkel and dive.
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Vourvourou in Chalkidiki, a magnificent place where the beach meets the forest

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Vourvourou is a village in the Sithonia peninsula of Chalkidiki in North Greece.  The region is a unique place known for its natural landscape. Once there, you get the feeling that the marvelous beaches extend to meet the pine tree forests of the nearby mountains. The clear blue waters and the beautiful little islands are two of Vourvourou‘s characteristics.  
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  Karidi is one of the most enchanting beaches of the bay with white big stones and transparent clear waters. Once you get in the sea you will feel that your are in a magical place out of this world. Try to avoid the midday peak hours or the mid August peak holiday season altogether.  
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  If you want to have a superb experience, you can explore the area even further with the help of a sea kayak. Sea kayaking trips are organised by professionals who also provide travelers with useful information about the beaches. 
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