Feel the historical vibes as you enjoy walking in Tatoi, mount Parnitha

Photo By Guardian

The Tatoi estate was the residence of Greece’s former royal family. Near Athens, the complex consists of old buildings such as the stables, mews and storage houses.  The steps at the front of the palace lead to the old swimming  pool and the tennis court yard.
Photo By Rohula
This estate in the magical green area of forested Parnitha mountain is just a half hour drive from Athens. Visit the area for a perfect day trip and outdoor activities.
Photo By pigkouinos
The estate is open for visits from early in the morning until sunset. The area is ideal for walking, trekking, hiking, cycling and running. The Tatoi Friends Association offer organised tours leaving from Syntagma Square in the centre of Athens. 

Tip: There are many open spaces and swings for kids. Wooden tables and benches are available for picnic. 
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A Picturesque Green Landscape in Northern Athens

This beautiful stream, also known as Chalandri’ s Stream, flows through the north suburbs in Athens. It provides protection and accommodates many animals, birds and plants. At the banks of the stream visitors adore the beauty and smell of many trees such as, pines, cypresses, eucalyptus almond trees and many more.  
Photo by sosrematia
You will not meet many flowers as you wander around the area. At the peak times of the years, waters are so impetuous that wipe everything. But you will certainly see some small green parrots flying above your head.   Can your resist an early morning walk there?