Santorini | Best unusual beach award

santorini kokkini ammos beach
Photo By arttravel

If you visit Santorini (Σαντορίνη) and want a different beach experience you should definitely visit Red Beach (Κόκκινη Άμμος) in Akrotiri. Contrast colors are its main characteristics. The bright turquoise of the sea and the red volcanic cliff next to each other bring wonderful and breathtaking views. We believe that this beach is the most impressive beach in Santorini. 


Famous shipwrecks

Famous shipwrecks in Greece According to UNESCO there are more than 3 million shipwrecks in the world. Here is a list of the 3 most famous shipwrecks in Greece.   1. “Panagiotis” ship wrecked in 1980 (Zakynthos/Zante). It is believed that it was carrying contraband cargo and was being chased by the Greek Navy. Locals claim that the ship was placed on the beach to attract more tourists. This is one of the most impressive beaches in Greece. Waters are crystal clear and surely the beach does not need a shipwreck to make it more attractive.   
Photo By Makis
  2. “Dimitrios” ship wrecked in 1981 near Gythio. The true story of the ship is unknown but It is believed that the ship encountered financial and engine problems and the owner abandoned it. The shipwreck stands on the sandy beach of Valtaki, a picturesque location.
Photo By Stelios Kritikaris
3. “Olympia” ship (previously named “Inland”) wrecked in 1979 (Amorgos). It is believed that the ship was crashed by pirates. This popular shipwreck was also featured in Luc Besson’s movie “Big Blue”. 
Photo By Alexander Swarbrick